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How to make an Ironing Bead creation?  3 Easy Steps is all it takes:

Step 1 – Working on a flat surface, create your design by placing the ironing beads onto the pegboard following the ideas from the printed idea card or by using your imagination.

Step 2 – Preheat your iron on a medium setting (no steam). Cover the creation with the reusable ironing paper sheet. Gently place the iron on top of the creation and press down slightly to start the melting process. Keep the iron moving in a circular motion for approx. 10-30 seconds turning the creation around so that the ironing beads are melted evenly. The ironing beads stick to the ironing paper once melted allowing you to see which ones need a little more ironing.

Step 3 – Once design is cool peel the ironing paper off. Flip the reusable pegboard over and remove the pegboard, turning the creation un-ironed side up. Cover this side of the creation with the ironing paper sheet and repeat the ironing process. It is important to iron both sides of the creation as this strengthens the creation.



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