Just Kidding Around prides itself on both the level of customer service that we offer as well as the top quality of our fun, unique educational craft products.

Spend some valuable bonding time crafting together with your child, or let your child spend some quiet time happily immersed in a creative activity.  Take a gap to get some work done or keep on hand as a unique playdate activity to keep the children entertained for the afternoon.

Your child will be so focused on having fun, they will not even realise that they are improving their fine motor skills, dexterity in their hands and their hand eye coordination at the same time – exactly what busy parents need!

These skills are vital in order for your child to cope easily with the demands in a school day which involve correct pencil grip, cutting with scissors, tying of shoes to name but a few. Difficulties with fine motor skills can affect a child’s confidence – leaving a little one feeling frustrated, anxious & tearful.  Working with JKA’s craft products will improve & strengthen these skills providing endless fun at the same time.

Our staff team are a dynamic customer service driven all woman team who are on hand to assist anytime in anyway that we can.  Please feel free to phone us if you would like suggestions for age groups, starting points for our crafts, etc – we are always happy to assist.