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To make it super easy we have put kits together for you which include all the components mentioned below together (see our Prepared Kits) OR you can browse through our categories picking & choosing as you go along.


Our pegboards are transparent (clear) plastic and come supplied with a printed idea cards for inspiration. Our pegboards have little upright pegs on them which holds the ironing bead securely in place as you go. As our pegboards are clear in colour, this enables even very young children to enjoy Ironing Beads as they can place the printed idea card behind the pegboard and simply trace through following the idea card for guidance. Every one of our pegboards is sold with a sheet of ironing paper.  We have 2 sizes of pegboard – small and large – which are both available individually or already grouped in packs.  Please note that only our large square pegboards have interlocking feet which enables them to be joined up together allowing the crafter to create as big as “canvas” as they need. Both our pegboards & ironing papers are reusable.


Our plastic ironing beads are 5mm in size, cylindrical in shape and are of the highest quality therefore allowing our product to happily be mixed in with any Hama or Perler Beads (top overseas brands) that you might use.  Our beads will melt at the same temperature as these top international brands allowing for even melting/ironing of finished creations and our colours are consistent ie: red is always same shade. The ironing beads are consumed when the creation is ironed and will need to be replenished. 

We have lots of different replenishment options available – with many different colour options and size packs to choose from – from 800 beads right up to 24000 beads. Our beads are available in individual colours as well as a huge range of our own colour mixes making it very easy to find what you need. Every one of our bead packs is sold with a sheet of ironing paper.


Our range of accessories will turn your finished creations into key rings, fridge magnets, jewellery & lots more.  This is the place to find our plastic tweezer sets and ironing paper packs.  Tweezers are not necessary for little children as the pincher grip is a better skill for little ones to learn but they are very handy for when fingers grow in size and get a little bit clumsy.


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