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Sand Art - Postcard Sized Card - PC57 - Soccer Player

Quick Overview

Contents: 1 x Postcard Sized Sand Art Card measuring 150 x 105 mm. No sand included

Sand Art is serious fun for everyone aged 3 years upwards - even teenagers have fun with the more complicated pictures.The adhesive is already on the pre-cut patterned board which means no gluing & no mess. Just peel the picture in stages, sprinkle on coloured sand and you are done - a perfect picture!

PEEL - Step 1
Start in the middle of the picture and slowly peel off the first area. Take care not to lift adjoining areas.

POUR - Step 2
Now choose a colour and pour it over the adhesive area. Turn the card over and tap it on the back to remove the excess sand. Repeat the pouring process on the same area to obtain a darker shade.

PERFECT - Step 3
Peel off the next area. Pour a different colour and repeat the motion until the image is completely peeled off and coloured.

You are a Sand Artist! You can now make a Sandart greeting card and send it to someone special.
Please see instructions on how to laminate and make your greeting card.

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