Beads – Pastel Colours – 3 Colour Bead Tube – 1050 Beads – 5mm



Makes 3-4 creations
350 x 5mm beads – Green Kiwi Lime
350 x 5mm beads – Pink Pastel
350 x 5mm beads – Blue Pastel

Please note that this tube just contains beads – no ironing paper, no tweezers & no pegboards.
These must be ordered seperately.

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1 050 x 5mm ironing beads in 3 colours each housed in clear, sturdy, reusable plastic tubs (50ml) with snap on lids.
Plastic tub measurements are 5cms x 4cms (diameter x height) each.
No pegboards, ironing papers or tweezers are included – these need to be purchased seperately.


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