Ceramic Art – The Butterfly & Snail – Bucket Kit – 2 Small Creations



1 x 2 Creation Ceramic Bucket Kit which will produce 2 individual ceramic creations containing:

1 x Paint strip of 6 colours, 1 x Paintbrush, 1 x Glaze pot and 2 x Ceramic Bisque pieces to decorate -SMALL BUTTERFLY (75mm H x 96mm L) and SMALL SNAIL (60mm H x 75mm L).


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Encourage your child’s imagination to run wild and let them have fun painting their own ceramic bisqueware creations with our paints & glaze. Working with Ceramic Art improves fine motor skills, dexterity in fingers & hands and hand/eye co-ordination – happiness is painting!

FEATURES:  This 2 Creation Ceramic Bucket Kit contains everything needed to keep your child busy for ages and will provide 2 ceramic creations.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Easy Creative Fun – find a flat area to work on and protect with newspaper.  Put an apron or old clothes on.  Next comes the hard part…which colour paint do you apply first!  Apply 2 coats of chosen paint colours letting paint dry between coats.  Painting tips – work from top to bottom of figurine and use darker colours for shading and lighter colours for highlighting or dry brushing over darker colours. Once the final coat of paint is dry, apply 2 coats of glaze to seal creation allowing each coat to dry in-between.


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