Diamond Dot Art – Magical Fun – Shimmering Sticker & Suncatcher Kit



1 x Diamond Dot Big Gem Art Kit which will produce 14 individual diamond dot big gem creations of 12 shimmering stickers + 2 suncatchers in a MAGICAL FUN THEME.

The kit contains 7 colours of diamond dot big gems (1000+ units in total), 1 x stylus, 12 x sticker creations on 2 sheets, 2 x suncatchers, 2 x suction hooks and 1 x wax square measuring 250x250x50mm in size.


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Encourage your child’s imagination to run wild and let them have fun creating their own diamond dot stickers & suncatchers.  Our big gem kits are the perfect way to introduce your child to the popular diamond dotting craft.  Working with our Diamond Dot Big Gems improves fine motor skills, dexterity in fingers & hands and hand/eye co-ordination.

FEATURES:  This Diamond Dot Big Gem Art Kit contains everything needed to keep your child busy for ages and will provide 12 shimmering stickers and 2 suncatchers.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Easy Creative Fun – find a flat area to work on and unpack the kit.  Remove the lid from your tray of big gems so you can work with them.  Peel the clear film off the wax square.  Press and twist the top of the stylus into the wax filing the top with the wax.  Peel the clear film off the sticker sheet but only on the sticker you are going to work with so that big gems can stick to sticker.  Use the wax topped stylus to pick up big gems and then place them where you would like them on the stickers & suncatchers.  Once the stickers have been completed, remove carefully from the sticker sheet and stick onto pencil cases, books, bags, etc.

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