Diamond Dots – Unicorn Sweet – Framed Square Box Set


– 1 canvas 15*15cms with all necessary rhinestone dots to complete creation
– 1 plastic pen tool, 1 plastic tray, 1 pink wax glue square and & 1 white wooden 18*18cms frame
– design : Unicorn Sweet

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Working with our Diamond Dots range will improve & strengthen:
-fine motor skills
-hand eye co-ordination
-dexterity in little fingers & hands

This boxed set contains everything to produce the shown fun rhinestone diamond dot creation including a white wooden frame allowing the finished artwork to be displayed. Frame size: 18*18cms. Canvas specifications: 15*15cms.

Using the plastic pen, dig a bit of the pink wax glue up with the tool end creating a sticky point allowing you to pick up the rhinestones one by one to place onto the canvas. Next carefully peel the clear plastic film off the canvas – only peel a small section at a time opening up more as you work. This exposes the sticky surface onto which the rhinestones adhere to. Once the creation is complete, place into the frame and display the beautiful work of art!


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