Fabric Painting – Mermaid Starfish – Cushion & Filling – 25x25cms


– 1 cushion cover (measuring 25x25cms) & 1 cushion inner
– cushion pack includes a strip of 6 fabric paint colours & 1 paintbrush
– instructions included
– design : Mermaid Starfish

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Working with our Fabric Painting range will improve & strengthen:
-creativity & imagination
-fine motor skills
-hand eye co-ordination
-dexterity in little fingers & hands

Our fabric painting range consists of carefully selected pieces that are strong, durable and are extremely well made.

Find a flat surface to work on and cover with newspaper.  Remove the cushion inner from the cushion.  Insert a piece of cardboard or wax paper inside the cushion to prevent paint bleeding into the back of the cushion. Blend in your paint colours as you go for a natural look and try to avoid solid lines using paint guideline included.  Wash paintbrush in water and dry well to work with a different paint colour.

Leave cushion to dry for 24 hours and then iron inside out to set the paints into the cushion fabric.  This also prevents the paints from feeling stick & ensures art piece is good to be washed too. Once the creation is completed and ironed, you will have a beautiful lovingly painted cushion work of art!




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