Ironing Beads – 3-6 Creations Kit – Frog Yellow/Frog



These 3-6 Creation Kits provide 3-6 Ironing Bead creations with 3-4 hours of activity and contain the following:

1 x plastic small FROG Pegboard + FROG YELLOW printed idea card (reusable)
1 x sheet ironing paper (reusable)
800 x 5mm Ironing beads
1 x plastic tweezer set

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These 3-6 Creation Kits will provide 2-3 Ironing Bead creations due to the size of the pegboard with 3-4 hours of activity.

They are packaged in a clear plastic packet with a header card with punched hole.

Our kits contain everything needed in one handy place ready to use immediately including beads, pegboards, ironing paper, plastic tweezer set & instructions.

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