Ironing Beads – 4 Pegs + 4 Idea Cards – Fast Engines


This pack of 4 pegboards + 4 printed idea cards is themed for boys.  This pack consists of 4 individual pegboards in different shapes as well as their matching 4 idea cards.  Both pegboards & idea cards are reusable.  Please note that a 5mm bead size must be used with these pegboards and there are no beads included with this pegboard pack.


1 x Scooter Pegboard + Scooter Yellow idea card (reusable)
1 x Truck Pegboard + Truck Red idea card (reusable)
1 x Tractor Pegboard + Tractor Blue idea card (reusable)
1 x Square Pegboard + Truck Green idea card (reusable)
1 x sheet ironing paper (reusable)


This pegboard pack consists of 4 boy themed clear, reusable plastic pegboards, along with their printed idea cards and the packs contains 1 sheet of reusable ironing paper – Scooter, Truck Red, Tractor & Truck Green.

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