Ironing Beads – Bead Pack – Neutral Variety Mix – 8000 Beads – 5mm


CONTENTS: 1 x Bead pack producing 22-32 creations containing:

8000 x Ironing beads (5mm) containing 5 x Packs of 1600 beads each and 5 x Ironing paper sheets in NEUTRAL VARIETY MIX – White / Black / Brown Tan / Grey / Brown Dark

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Place the Ironing Beads onto the pegboard following the idea cards and once done, iron both sides to fuse/melt the beads together.  Working with Ironing Beads improves fine motor skills, dexterity in fingers & hands, hand/eye co-ordination & planning perception skills.

FEATURES:  This Bead Pack contains replenishment beads to use with our pegboards & idea cards and will provide between 22-32 creations.

INSTRUCTIONS: Easy 3 step process:

Step 1 – follow pattern with beads onto pegboard on a flat surface,

Step 2 – cover with ironing paper sheet & iron with your regular iron on a medium setting (no steam) & flip over (remove pegboard), and

Step 3 – flip over and iron the other side so that BOTH sides are ironed to strengthen finished creation.


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