Ironing Beads – Bucket Combo Kit – 1 Lrg Peg/1 Idea Card – Pink Unicorn 3D


CONTENTS:  1 x Bucket Combo Kit containing:

6000 x Ironing beads (5mm) with 1 x Tweezer set and 1 x Ironing paper sheet,

1 x Ironing paper pack (3 additional sheets),

1 x 5mm Pegboard (LARGE SQUARE) and 1 x 3D UNICORN & GRASS printed idea card design. The 2 creation pieces are made seperately and are then inserted into each other to create a standing creation.

This large square pegboard has interlocking feet so you can lock this pegboard together with other large square pegboards to make a larger canvas to work on that suits you.  Perfect for adult crafting projects too.

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FEATURES:  This Bucket Combo Kit contains everything needed to keep your child busy for hours and will provide lots of creations.

INSTRUCTIONS: Easy 3 Step Process:

Step 1 – follow pattern with beads onto pegboard on a flat surface,

Step 2 – cover with ironing paper sheet & iron in a circular motion with your regular iron on a medium setting (no steam) and,

Step 3 – flip over (remove pegboard) and iron the other side so that BOTH sides are ironed to strengthen finished creation

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