Ironing Beads – Colourful Bead Colour Mix – 4200 Beads (12 x 350 Tubs) – 5mm


– 2 packs of 6 plastic tubs of 350 ironing beads – total of 12 bead tubs supplied
– providing 12-16 creations (budget 250-350 beads per creation)
– no ironing papers nor pegboards included with this pack (purchase seperately)
– colours included:

PRIMARY PACK (red, blue turquoise, green bright, yellow, orange & purple)
PASTEL PACK (pink pastel, yellow pastel, purple pastel, blue pastel, green kiwi lime & peach)


Working with our Ironing Beads range will improve & strengthen:
-fine motor skills
-hand eye co-ordination
-dexterity in fingers & toes

This bead pack contains a total of 4200 ironing beads (12 x tubs of 350 ironing beads) to use with our pegboards & idea cards providing 12-16 creations.  There are no ironing papers or pegboards included in this pack (purchase seperately).

Step 1 – follow pattern with beads on pegboard working on a flat surface,
Step 2 – cover with ironing paper sheet & iron with your regular iron on a medium setting with no steam, and
Step 3 – flip over & remove pegboard to iron the other side so that both sides are ironed to strengthen finished creation.

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